At RP Environmental, Inc., we devote our full attention to the restaurants we service to make sure that their grease removal needs are met by making sure the service we provide will be efficient and convenient for your restaurant. Most importantly, we value our guarantee of reliability. We are also proud of our commitment to the environment. 

“It’s a dirty job, but we WANT to do it!"                                      –Robert Abel, owner

Service areas include all of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. Outside areas can also be accommodated for franchise locations. Call us today at (805) 929-5509 to set up service or for a free consultation.                              

With 100% of the collected waste cooking oil being transported to a refinery that has been converting waste oil into biodiesel for over a decade, it is a safe and healthy way to dispose of used cooking oil. This reduces waste to landfills, reduces our country’s dependence on foreign fuels, and lowers emissions into the environment to help prevent global warming. It is our goal to supply enough waste cooking oil to refineries to encourage a price reduction, making biodiesel affordable as well as increase the availability of biodiesel to diesel consumers.