RP Environmental, Inc. provides grease trap and interceptor service to all types of food establishments. We can provide a scheduled maintenance service as well as seven-day emergency service if needed. We strive to make sure grease trap cleaning appointments are at times that are convenient for restaurants.

What is a grease trap? Grease trap or grease interceptor is a receptacle located between the restaurant drain lines and is a necessary part of the sanitary sewer system that prevents large amounts of FOGS (fats, oils, grease and solids) from entering and clogging the municipal water system. A grease trap operates by catching kitchen waste water and collecting the FOGS before it passes through to the sanitary sewer lines. Once inside, the FOGS are trapped using a series of baffles. The captured FOGS fill the grease trap from the top down, displacing "clean" water out of the bottom of the trap and into the sanitary sewer line. Once a significant amount of FOGS have accumulated, the grease trap must be cleaned out. It is important restaurants receive regular maintenance for a grease trap to function properly and prevent back ups, overflows, fines and costly restaurant set backs these create.

All contents of the grease trap/interceptor are completely pumped with every service.

We pump all sizes of grease traps, from smaller 5 gallon traps to 6,000 gallon or larger interceptors. 

Our experienced staff can also help with any problems your restaurant is having with a grease trap or interceptor.

Since we also collect waste cooking oil, we offer large discounts for dual service. By providing both services, this allows us to check your grease trap on a more regular basis to insure it is pumped when needed and avoid plumbing problems. If you are unsure of the size of your tank, we are able to determine the size for you and provide you with a free quote.