RP Environmental, Inc. can provide a free storage container for the disposal of your cooking oil. The waste cooking oil receptacles are available in 55 gallon, 100 gallon, or 130 gallon holding capacities, and we can also custom fabricate containers to fit your storage space. All receptacles are clean and have lids that properly secure to insure proper sanitation and safety. We can service single location restaurants to larger franchises, as well as facilities with commercial kitchens (hospitals, universities).

55 Gallon

130 Gallon

Our goal is to provide your restaurant with reliable and convenient waste cooking oil removal service. Our drivers are friendly and professional.

The used oil is pumped from the container or the full storage container is switched with an empty, clean one.

Disposal manifest provided with each service.

Call us to set up service or for a free consultation at 805-929-5509


100 Gallon